Dog Walking

Dog Walking Service in Dunham, Altrincham and Sale

We love to walk dogs, it’s great fun!

We’ll walk no more than 4 dogs at a time to make sure each dog gets the attention and freedom to explore and enjoy that it deserves. Alternatively, we appreciate not all dogs are comfortable with others, so we offer a one-to-one service, just me and your pooch.

Dunham Massey provides us with some stunning walks along the Bridgewater Canal, the Trans Pennine Trail across paths and fields and also Dunham Massey National Trust Park. Neighbouring parks; John Leigh Park, Stamford Park, Grove Park Field and The Devisdale, Bowdon are all exciting places to spend the hour too.

We’re equipped with poop bags, water and a ball to play with, or your pooch is welcome to bring along their favourite toy from home. We’ve got towels on hand to dry off muddy paws before returning home.
From a giddy new pup full of energy to the more mature, slower pooch, we set the walk to suit the needs of your dog.

If you want us to feed lunch after our walk or a mid-morning/afternoon treat depending on the time of day, just let us know.

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