Pets & Whistles shall commence and terminate all agreed services on the dates set out on the Booking Form and perform in an attentive, reliable and caring manner, using all reasonable skill and care and shall act in accordance with all instructions given by the Owner in the Pet Information Form.

The Owner is responsible for providing all true, accurate information including up-to-date vaccinations, medications & treatment history, and must make full disclosure of any quality or characteristic problems which might make your Pet not suitable for the agreed services. These would include, but not limited to, behavioural or health problems, antisocial behaviour; including aggression, incontinence or lack of house training and excessive loud barking or whining.

Pets & Whistles will make every attempt to contact the Owner in the unlikely event of an emergency and will act in accordance with the completed Veterinary Release Form in which the Owner is responsible for all veterinary costs.

Pets & Whistles shall not be liable for any mishap of whatsoever nature which may befall or caused by a Pet a) during unsupervised hours by Pets & Whistles and b) caused by faulty doors, furniture or fencing within the Owner’s property.

Cancellation of the services by the Owner must be made at least 24 hours before the agreed commencement time. Failure to do so will result in 100% of the rate being charged.

Payment can be made in cash or BACS on a weekly basis following services provided. An invoice will be raised monthly for recording purposes.

Under The Data Protection Act 1998, Pets & Whistles warrants to keep safe and confidential all disclosed information by the Owner including, but not limited to, personal contact details, keys, property alarm codes, remote control devices.